Meet ‘n’ Fuck

Meet ‘n’ fuck gives you a fairly obvious visual, but online can mean different things. Like when you search for it online, you’ll likely see some of the sex games. These games are more like choose your sending scenarios with hentai characters. Personally, I don’t really see the appeal and since I was trying to actually meet n fuck girls, I thought I’d put up my own site about where you actually can meet and fuck girls instead of just playing a cartoon game.

I’ve scoured the internet the past 10 years or so trying to find good sites for hooking up. There have been a couple like Ashley Madison and Adult Friend Finder that have actually done a decent job despite some the issues they have. These are both sites that have had security breaches (AFF just had a huge one last week) and have both been accused of promoting fake profiles to lure more men into subscriptions. I don’t deny either of those claims, but even with those both being true, they are STILL the best options.

While these bigger meet n fuck sites certainly have their issues, you can still find real women on them. You can still learn the game (so to speak) and flirt with real women locally and even meet women for hookups. You just have to understand that the ratios of men to women are entirely out of whack and most of the female profiles are not real.

If you can accept that 90 percent of the profiles aren’t real and be logical about the process, then you might find some success over a period of time if you put up a real profile pic and learn to be somewhat entertaining in your messaging efforts.

What to watch out for:

When you first setup an account and start getting messages from “local” women looking for a good time before you even have a pic or any info up, then you’ve got a fake profile. If your getting emails from women that are desperate to meet a man like you, but there is no info about you then you’re dealing with a fake. It’s simple things like this to watch out for.

Another thing to watch out for is all of the smaller hookup sites. There are thousands of them now that don’t have s single legitimate female profile. They don’t even try to promote to real women. They do a good job of making profile pictures seem more realistic, but they’re not real.

You can try a little experiment right now if you want. Sign up for a meet n fuck site like and give them your email (only if you feel comfortable knowing you will get emails form them). Even if you don’t fill out anything in your profile, I guarantee you will get emails from girls wanting to meet you within 48 hours (probably sooner). Once you click on their emails, message, winks, or whatever, you’ll get sent to a sign up page where you’ll have to pay money in order to communicate with that girl. Once you pay, you’ll find that she is nowhere to be found.

The whole “find fuck buddies online” industry is pretty shady and is best avoided. You are much better off reading about some clever Tinder pickup lines and putting real effort into your Plenty of Fish profile. Be objective about the things you are putting out there and how you are presenting yourself. Ask your friends if anything seems too crazy or too boring. You may face some criticism, but developing an effective online profile will get you laid much more often than succumbing to rip off sites that promise endless sex.